Started out at SNA this morning at 4:45 after securing the home front and chowing down a smoothie in a bowl to give me some wake-up energy.  After only 3 hours of sleep I needed it.  Who in their right mind puts a two and a half hour sub-titled foreign film on at 10pm?  Was the movie worth it?  Yes, I think so, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, was a great book and the movie followed it pretty darn close.  The subtitles meant I couldn’t really multi-task while I was watching so I was a little sleepy starting out this morning.  About halfway to DFW I felt a bit peckish and broke into the snack bag.  I should have read the directions on the almond butter that said to knead it before squeezing, instead I ended up with a blob of almond oil on my spiffy pink capris…so much for wearing those home.  After wandering around DFW we finally found the Bennigans we were looking for.  I swear the arrow pointed in one direction but it ended up being right back where we had started from.  The black bean burger was delish but I had to scrape off a big old hunk of American cheese.  We got stuck on the ground in DFW waiting on some mechanical light bulb issue, it took a whole hour on the pavement in the Texas heat to fix this bulb which turned out to be a connector issue instead. 

By the time we made it to Tampa we were an hour late and there were no full size cars left at the rental lot….Arrrrrgh!  Finally, finally made it to the hotel and cruised across the parking lot to Coast restaurant for a salad and glass of wine.  Their sweet potato fries were out of this world…dessert fries with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on them.  The garlic truffle fries were equally yummy…face it I just love fries!

Lunch…early if we were in CA but not so much in Texas.

Black Bean burger on a pretzel bun, neato!

Snacking and reading on the way to Tampa

Coming in for a landing through a haze of Bob Ross clouds.  These were made of three hairs and some air for sure!

House Salad with sweat inducing spicy dressing

And of course the fries


and for dessert…Sweet potato


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