After work today I noticed that my feet were totally swollen; exactly like last year at this time.  No pain just huge feet and ankles.  I never went to the doctor last year when this happened because eventually it went away.  I don’t know if this is due to the plane flight or diet or just being chubby this week, but it’s ugly!  I came back to the hotel and looked for my Kindle then ran around frantically looking for it just knowing that the shady carpet cleaners hid it from me.  As usual it was only my paranoia rearing its ugly head and the Kindle was nestled up on the side of the bed, kind of behind the curtains…hmmm, maybe the carpet cleaners did hide it.  I ate a little snack of plane goodie leftovers and then lay down after the exhausting search and woke up totally disoriented an hour later.  I hate when that happens!  I’ll spare you a picture of my cankles and just share my snack with you.


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