Sipology Red

We headed over to Trattoria Limone last night and to our dismay it had been closed and reopened as Sipology Red.  Sipology has been open for about two weeks, the friendly hostess told us and they still had a tasting menu and were soliciting feedback on those offerings.  They kept some of the same pasta dishes that Trattoria Limone specialized in but they’ve also added their own specialties.  The meal started off with 4 little slices of foccacia with balsamic and olive oil to dip it in.  The bread was tasty and the balsamic had a nice musky tang to it just like I like it (it makes my mouth water just thinking about it).  We waited a bit for our dinner considering the place wasn’t too crowded, but it’s new so I’m sure they’re still pulling it all together.  I had the Veggie CousCous plate, and really enjoyed it.  The veggies were fresh and crisp, not mushy, the couscous had sundried tomatoes that added a nice bite to the rather mildly seasoned dish.  The portion was just right, I didn’t walk out feeling like I overeaten.  D. didn’t care much for his peppered steak; said it just tasted like meat with pepper on it, I’m not sure what peppered steak is supposed to taste like but apparently it wasn’t all that!  All in all it was pretty good, they had a few interesting sounding salads on the menu that might involve another trip back.  Although we were disappointed that Trattoria Limone had shut down Sipology Red was a nice alternative, I’m not sure D. will agree with me on this one though.

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