With only two weeks to go before the big 39.3 mile walk I’m on a taper.  Most of my training has been done using running or jogging instead of walking so I feel really well prepared since my longest run was 20 miles.  Last year I was much less prepared due to a foot injury, working early hours and having to complete my training during the hottest time of day, and just general lack of motivation knowing I was going to be walking by myself.  The funny thing about that experience was that I learned when you’re walking with several thousand men and women you’re not really alone.  I met some fantastic walkers who all had a story about what inspired them to walk.  There’s a man named Mike who I have seen every year since I started walking.  He walks every Avon Walk, every year, what a hero!  This year I thought I would be going it alone again due to K’s foot injury but it looks like she’ll be walking at least the first part thanks to the wonders of the cortisone shot!  So here’s to walker’s everywhere, Hip Hip Hooray!

Photos from my first walk back on September 11 and 12th, 2004.  The same dates we’ll be walking this year.  I was just shy of a year being cancer free and I was celebrating!

Tribute balloon that you could sign…

The biker crew, the pink bike  had Barbie all over it and a cute little blond girl riding it.  The biker crew is great, making sure all the street crossings are safe and cheering everyone on with music.

the Pink Mile

Closing Ceremony.  I haven’t been to any other closing ceremonies and this year I swear I’m going to go!


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