I have been in a cooking and eating funk lately.  Could be the result of too much travel or work but I resolved to get out of it and get back into some healthy habits – – FYI Mint Newman-O’s and Cookie Dough ice cream are not really a healthy dinner.  I stopped at Vitamin City to pick up some Coconut Butter on the way home from a marathon meeting in Monrovia.  I walked out with some Date & Tamarind cooking sauce, a can of Amy’s Black Bean Chili, 3 little yams (so cute those little veggies!), along with the jar of Coconut Butter.  I had forgotten that today was my CSA delivery day, I had put it on hold for a couple of deliveries due to my schedule, so I came home to a surprise box with a beautiful eggplant, a giant heirloom tomato, a couple of onions, a bag of HOT peppers, an avocado, plums, and a couple of grapefruit.  What a bounty.  If I can’t throw a meal together from that I need some help.  I’m thinking along the lines of some eggplant  and yam simmered in the Tamarind sauce, maybe I’ll toss in the last half of my giant zuke from the garden.  I wonder if one of those hot peppers would be too much, the jar of sauce says “hot and sweet”.  Too much ya think?  Maybe just served up over some basmati rice with a sliced tomato on the side…oh yah, the possibilities!

Dinner tonight…sometimes you just gotta do it!

Tomorrow’s healthier fixin’s


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