Dinner Re-Funk

Ok, so did you really think I was going to cook today???  Psych!  The temperature soared and my resolve flagged; time ticked on and little K. was in a good mood so time was spent playing.  Before I knew it salad was being tossed (and not in a nasty prison type way) and enjoyed al fresco with Sideways on the Kindle.  I’m finding the movie was very loosely based on the book.  I wish I would have read the book before seeing the movie.  I keep trying to fit Paul Giamatti into the character in the book and it’s just not matching up.  So the lack of cooking really wasn’t because I’m in a cooking funk it was more like I spent too much time doing other things and by the time dinner rolled around I almost had to resort to ice cream and Newman O’s except I was all out (thank heavens!).

Salad all topped with home-grown tomatoes, CSA cukes, and sunflower seeds.  Garlic Gold olive oil and cider vinegar dressed the whole thing up, and putting it in my new favorite bowl made it almost a party for one…almost.


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