Lunch Break

Usually I eat lunch at my desk, I rarely go out and tend to pack the same thing every day.  I do have a nice wardrobe of lunch bags and try to change things up that way.  I recently bought a pattern for a lunch bag and thought I’d whip some up for Christmas gifts (maybe not, me and whipping don’t always see eye to eye.  Procrastinate much?).  Anyway, today I worked from home because N. was home sick and I wanted to keep an eye on him as he was acting very peculiar.  At lunch time I took a break from my computer and went outside to enjoy a quick bite and a bit of sunshine.  I nuked a little tiny yam and then topped it with the Amy’s Black Bean Chili I bought earlier in the week.  I was wishing for a little cilantro or something creamy or cheesie to put on top of my tater but alas, the fridge was bare of all such toppings.  For dessert…Fresh berries in my cute little bowl from Oregon.  And of course the tall glass of iced tea and Kindle go without saying.  It was a nice break in the middle of a hectic day.


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