Chili Salad

Getting down to the dregs in my fridge and cupboard and after a morning of errand running that didn’t include groceries,  I had to figure out what to make for lunch today.  What popped out at me was the leftover chili from yesterday, but it was way too hot to eat a steaming bowl of red this afternoon.  Instead I paired it with the cooling properties of herb salad mix, avocado, tomato (I keep thinking it’s my last garden tomato but then another pops up), and for a bit of crunch I added some Soy Flax Tortilla chips from TJ’s and a dash of salsa to dress the whole thing up.  It was filling and delicious and everything that lunch is supposed to be.  I’m in charge of planning the eats for Monday’s picnic/bike ride so I know tomorrow will include some baking…I’m thinking oatmeal, cranberry, white chocolate chip, walnut cookies or something along those lines. 

These chips are so good, especially with TJ’s tomatillo salsa

This would have been better with something creamy or cheesie on top but still it was good!


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