A Bike Ride and a Picnic

What a great day it was…no laboring except for my breathing up a couple of hills on our bike ride.  I was in charge of putting together a picnic lunch but after pouring over countless Internet recipes, blogs, and cookbooks I was overwhelmed with information and deadlocked on any decision-making.  I should have consulted the magic eight ball but it didn’t occur to me in my confusion.  I picked up our favorite flavors of Kettle Chips yesterday at Mother’s and we did have the Cowgirl cookies for desssert but as far as any sandwich or main dish ideas…my head was a vast void of vapors!  After some early morning discussion we decided the ride was more important than the eats and settled on PB & J’s.  After loading up the bikes we headed off towards the beach.  Even though I’m only two miles from the beach there’s a killer hill that we thought we wouldn’t feel like riding up on the way home, thus the drive.  As it was we had to carry our bikes down a flight of stairs to the sand only to realize I had forgotten my camera in the car.  DRAT!  Instead of carrying them back up the stairs we went ahead and rode to the access road and back to the car.  The weather was beautiful, a cruise ship was in port getting ready to take off and we could see everyone on deck in preparation.  We had no agenda and simply rode until we felt hungry then stopped to eat. 

Very cool picnic backpack purchased several years ago and never used.  It came equipped with plates and silverware.  A tiny salt and pepper shaker, a cutting board and knife, two small wine type glasses, a corkscrew and a wine stopper.  It even came with a blanket and cloth napkins!  Just love it!

The city skyline…I love living in So Cal!

Cruise ships old and new; Carnival Paradise and the grand old Queen Mary



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