Lazy Dog

A trip to Huntington Beach to eat at the Lazy Dog is always worth it.  D. had a craving for meat, no surprise there, and there are plenty of choices on the menu for me too.  We started out with one of their draft brews and some grilled garlic flatbread.  The bread was so tasty, a little crispy around the edges and nice and foldable to stuff in your mouth.  I chose the Orange Peel Wok Platter.  Any of their Wok Platters can be made with the protein of your choice, I chose tofu, naturally.  It’s of the silken variety and is lightly coated and fried.  The sauce was slightly spicy with a wonderful orange flavor and big loops of peel mixed in with the broccoli, water chestnuts and red peppers.  I was stuffffffed when I left, I knew I should have quit about three tofu cubes before I did!



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