Busy running errands before the next two trips; first to Santa Barbara tomorrow for the Avon walk this weekend then onto a plane bound for Philly on Monday for a staff meeting.  Tons of things still to do before departure so dinner was simply an afterthought.  Wandering around Whole Foods to pick up jet snacks N. directed me to the fresh pizza counter and we took home two slices.  Mine the Vegan Spinach Mushroom which in all actuality tasted more like vegan barbecue chicken pizza.  I detected nary a  spinach leaf or mushroom; but did taste the tangy vinegar of barbecue and bit into some vegan chicken pieces.  It was good whatever it was, so much for truth in labeling, Whole Foods!

See…not crazy, spinach mushroom…


What does this look like to you?  The green stuff tasted a lot like cilantro I’ll have you know

But this made it all better…Fall is in the air when Pumpkin Ale hits the stores.

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