Walking and walking and walking

We did it, all three of us finished all 26.2 miles today and did it in style.  C. was a trooper and stuck it out through blisters and heat, for her first walk she did awesome!  We finished later than we anticipated because the hills were brutal (they tried to warn us!) and the route was narrow, single file in many places although that rule was rarely heeded.  A pictorial of the day to follow…ready to go eat some real food and calm these barking dogs, that I used to call feet, down.  Cheers!

Ready to go…Early!

Collectively we raised $6.4 million

During the walk we saw such touching tributes as this

and this…I hope it’s never D. or my girls walking with these signs on their backs.  That’s why I walk, because I can!

Then there were the crowds…

Love the pony bikes!

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