A Little More Walking and a Drink

We finished this morning’s 13.1 miles in record time and because we had such a wait for closing ceremony we decided to skip it.  All three of us signed up for next year (Surprise!) and agreed that this house is the perfect place to spend the weekend.  Afterwards we drove to the main drag in town and wandered around until we found a joint that served fish and chips (C’s request not mine).  I ended up with an adequate garden burger at Joe’s Cafe, but the fries were good.  And I’m somewhat of a fry connoisseur.  Later it was back to the house for football and a celebratory drink called the Pink Ribbon served up in style in our pink ribbon wine glasses.  Tomorrow…off to PA.  (pictures for the last three posts will be posted tomorrow, I think).


Scenery along the way

Lunch which was just a grab and go.  Sandwich today was basil, tomato and roasted red pepper hummus, served with rice salad, chips, orange and a giant cookie.

Pink Ribbon served all special in a pink ribbon wine glass…One ounce Triple Sec,  Four ounces Pink lemonade, and fill the rest of the glass with White Zinfendel…very refreshing!


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