Another Airport Meal

I arrived at the Philly airport at 1:00 with my flight not leaving until 4:00.  The oatmeal from the breakfast buffet at the hotel had tided me over until then but I was looking for some food by the time I got through security.  Lots of good eats along the way but I didn’t stop until I made it down to my gate.  I always like to get oriented before I wander off to look for food.  Lucky for me there was a cute little deli that had a grilled veggie sandwich that had no mayo or cheese on it.  Score!  The veggies tasted more lightly steamed than grilled but they were still crunchy and delicious.  I sat next to a couple of ladies that were coming home from a trip to Switzerland and Germany and they left tomorrow morning (the 16th) and were getting home tonight (the 15th).  They time traveled!

Grilled Veggie Sandwich from the very sterile looking yet dirty airport in Philadelphia.


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