Home and Dry

I’ve often used the phrase “home and dry” but never really thought much about what it meant.  I just said it when I got home from being away for a while.  This is the “official” meaning –  to have completed something successfully.  I feel its apropo then to say I’m home and dry.  I successfully completed my travels to Philly and didn’t embarrass myself too completely in front of my new peers.  Nor did I say anything totally inappropriate to my boss.  It was so nice today to wake up in my own bed.  I made the mistake of letting LeMew sleep in my room which never bodes well for a restful night.  But I felt sorry for him.  He gets so nervous when I ‘m away his fur gets matted.  I felt the beginnings of the mats when I pet him, thus the sleepover.  Tonight all pets are banished, I needs me some sleep!  A CSA box arrived on Tuesday before I got home and R. was kind enough to stick it in my fridge.  I had enough stuff to put together a yummy salad for lunch which I ate with the last two Gardein chipotle tenders.  I love being home and eating what I like to eat and not having to search through menus to come up with something to eat.  I wasn’t disappointed to see a class I was supposed to attend at the end of the month was cancelled.  Four days that I can be home and not sleeping in a hotel. Woo Hoo!

Ahhh, salad of my dreams, come to me!

and look, airports all over the USA now carry Alternative Baking Company Cookies.  Well I’ve found them in two airports anyway!  I ate this one for dessert today since it travelled all the way across the USA without being eaten!


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