The A List

This has to be an A list because I don’t have a B list yet.  I’m talking about a grocery list about a mile long that I’m going to have to do some serious paring down of.  I haven’t been cooking much as you know so this week I promised myself that N and I would be eating high on the hog so to speak.  I think I need a different phrase one that doesn’t refer to pigs and pork, you know?  I piled up my cookbooks this afternoon (some of them anyway) and got to planning.  I’m thinking about phasing out the smoothie in a bowl as the weather cools down and moving into more warming breakfasts.  Steel cut oats in the crock pot, waffles, scrambles with sausage served on a whole grain muffin or bagel.  Lunches will consist of leftovers if available and soup or sandwich if not, plus some fruit or raw veggies on the side.  Dinner, I’m looking at all things warm and comforting, casseroles, soups, things baked instead of chilled.  So it’s on to menu planning instead of heading out to the grocery store on an empty stomach with a mile long list!

Kitties helping me decide what to put on the menu…


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