The Menu

As part of my quest to get back on a better nutrition path the menu for the week has been planned.  I’m just waiting for N to get picked up so I can go to Whole Foods and get a few ingredients.  I also plan on hitting up the farmer’s market for a few items that didn’t come in my CSA shipment last week.  I tried to find recipes that used up that delivery’s bounty but I found I still have a few things required to round out the menu.  So here it is a Monday through Thursday dinner menu:

Monday —

Garden Vegetable Borscht, Garlicky swiss chard, biscuits

Tuesday —

Orange Chick’n (Gardein), brown rice, steamed broccoli

Wednesday —

Bok Choy and Ginger Sesame Udon Noodles, mashed thai turnips, carrot and cabbage salad

Thursday —

Black Bean Burgers, green salad, sweet potato fries

Hopefully there will be leftovers from most of these meals that I can turn into the next days lunch. 

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