Carrot Cake (bars that is)

Still trying to get caught up on sleep, laundry, housework, emails, kitty petting, and pantry restocking.  This has been a hectic couple of months and I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks at home!  Our next trip is for pleasure and not until the end of the month.  I know, that’s just around the corner, but at least it’s a long weekend getaway and no work will be involved.  In between errands and hockey games today I didn’t have much time to eat so I grabbed a new carrot cake Lara Bar at Whole Foods and ate it on the road.  While I was taking the photo of it, it actually popped out of the wrapper and onto my shoe!  5 second rule so I ate it anyway!  I played a game of trying to identify as many flavors as I could in the bar before looking at the ingredient list.  First off was the dates, naturally, what Lara Bar doesn’t have a date base?  I could definitely identify the slightly sour taste of raisins, but there was a pineapple zing in there too.  I felt the texture of coconut but the flavor, not so much.  I also felt like almonds had been used rather than the typical carrot cake ingredient, walnuts.  The nutty pieces just felt more dense like almonds.  Lots of cinnamon flavor too.  Carrots???  I didn’t taste any of those…Want to see how close I came to the actual ingredients?  Seems there really is carrots and walnuts in there.  I’ll have to try Chocolate Covered Katie’s Carrot Cake bars and do a compare.  While Lara Bar’s are good there’s no place like home(made)!

Right before it escaped the wrapper and landed on my shoe!


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