Eggless Salad

So last week when I was in Philly I watched as my boss ordered and consumed an egg salad sandwich.  This thing was totally stuffed and it reminded me that I used to enjoy an occasional egg salad myself.  I’ve never been a big egg eater, preferring pancakes or oatmeal over omelettes, but dang if that sandwich didn’t make me start craving something similar.  Since I’ve been cooking from How It All Vegan this week I ran across their faux egg salad and decided to give it a spin.  It’s a soft and crunchy blend of tofu, celery, parsley, green onion, and dill pickle, bound together with some Veganaise and mustard, seasoned with a bit of garlic and salt and some tumeric added for color.  It was quite tasty and brought back memories of an egg salad sandwich from Togo’s. 

The mix

The magic


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