So This is Where Summer Went

All summer long the city bemoaned the lack of summer weather.  The days were cool and overcast until late afternoon, the evenings fanned chilly breezes around unprepared tourists here to enjoy our famous sunshine.  Autumn knocked on the door last Wednesday and instead of letting her in Summer escaped her confines and hit us with a vengeance.  Citizens walk around with glazed over eyes and a sheen on their skin that matches the shimmer off the melting pavement.  The beaches simmer at over 100 degrees and tempers flare on the road, in the market and in homes.  Water starved cats crawl under bushes and houses thinking that the shade will offer them some respite.  Babies fuss and demand bottles, harried mothers run ice cubes across their necks and let the melting slivers slide into their cotton blouses.  The city blisters and waits for Fall.


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