King Arthur

I always enjoyed the stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table when I was younger.  In my teens, with hormones running rampant, I read a book called Lionors about the supposed true love of King Arthur’s life.  She trumped Guenevere who, as we all know, had a thing for Lancelot.  Anyway, I found that book to be totally romantic and I’m sure I shed a tear or two over it, I read it enough times.  Today if I read it I would probably laugh out loud, (not lol, I mean REALLY laugh).  Hmmm, where was I going with this…oh yah, I got a shipment today from King Arthur Flour, who knew he went into the bakery business in his retirement years.  I ordered some of their Pompanoosuc Porridge for those cold fall and winter mornings that I’m sure are soon to be upon us.  Really, how long can it stay in the 80’s?  I also got soup (again, think winter) of the Butternut Squash with Apple variety.  King Arthur is one of the few places you can find soup mixes that don’t use a dried chicken broth base.  Usually I like making soup from scratch and in the crock-pot but in a pinch I like to have a couple of mixes on hand.


And here’s what I had for dinner.  An Amy’s All American Burger served in a whole wheat tortilla, over a bed of lettuce and topped with Amy’s salsa and a sprinkle of Daiya.  Very delicious and filling too!

For Breakfast a big old bowl of oatmeal with a whole grated apple and the crunch of toasted walnuts.


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