I wonder why it’s called babysitting.  You really don’t have time to sit down when you’re watching a baby.  Especially if said baby likes to keep moving at all times, whether it’s kicking the legs, or being bounced up and down, that boy never wants to stop moving.  There was no time to cook tonight since I was the designated baby walker.  T and R went out to Lucille’s to celebrate T’s birthday.  I can’t believe how old she’s getting while I simply stay as young as I want, or as young as I’m feeling at any given moment.  Sometimes it feels like 100 years after doing something particularly treacherous.  Like what do you do that’s treacherous, you’re thinking.  Sometimes simply getting out of bed can be treacherous and for some of us (who will remain unnamed) just sitting in a chair reading can be extremely treacherous. 

So dinner from the freezer in the form of a Teriyaki Wrap.  Not looking real appetizing, I’ll admit,  but it tasted good.

And all because of this guy…what happens at grandma’s stays at grandma’s (I think he’s the one taking the picture…recognize the self-portrait pose?)


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