Another Pie for Breakfast

OK, so this really wasn’t a pie more like a pocket, but it kind of looked like one of those jelly glop filled hostess pies from school lunches years ago.  Although we never got those pies in our lunch because mom thought they were junk and we probably couldn’t afford them either.  Back to breakfast pie…this was Amy’s Tofu Scramble in a Pocket served up with a touch of salsa and some OJ.  It gave me an idea of something to do with a darling little pie press that I bought but have yet to use.  Why not make little breakfast pies that I could freeze?  I’ve been pondering some fillings based on a tofu scramble…just subbing various veggies, seasoning and fillers like “sausage” I’ll bet I could come up with some handy grab and go breakfasts for both N. and I.  Let the experiment begin (well when I get back from Tampa anyway).

Standard pocket pie with salsa

Could have been cuter made in this…and breakfast should be cute


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