And Today for Breakfast

Since I’ve been on kind of a breakfast theme this week I think I’ll stick with it.  In an attempt to reduce the produce and other perishables in my fridge before I go out of town once again I broke into the new muesli I got from King Arthur Flour.  I meant to make them overnight oats but it turned into early morning oats because I forgot to put them in to soak last night.  I really liked the mix…I soaked it for a couple of hours in some soy yogurt and they were slightly chewy and sweet.  I topped them with half a peach and a sprinkle of pecans for a great start to a busy day.  Errands to run, TJs for plane snacks, packing to be done, cleaning and laundry on the list, oh and a pedicure.  I went to a new place for a pedicure today.  I was in Office Depot and saw a “walk-ins welcome” sign on the nail salon across the street so I popped in for a quickie.  I was given a beautiful pedi, plus a foot massage that was just this side of painful.  Feets are happy tonight!


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