Off Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Up early to hit the gym and get the old blood circulating before getting on a plane for 5 hours.  I’m hoping the combination of pre-flight exercise, travel sox, and mid-flight plane change will help with the cankle situation I’ve experienced the last few times I’ve flown.  I tried to drink a lot of water (and iced tea, I’ll admit) and when I got to the hotel and took a look at my feet they looked pretty close to normal.  Those circulation socks aren’t the most attractive of accessories but if they work who really cares, right?  I snuggled up to the window today and watched the landscape slip by below.  I was reminded of a dot to dot picture when I saw a scattering of intersecting lines and dots.  I can’t tell what the picture was supposed to be, but it intrigued me.

Puff Ball clouds ala Bob Ross…Three hairs and some air.

Descending into Tampa, the clouds became more swollen and caused turbulence upon entering them.

Once we broke through we were greeted with this bit of loveliness.

Good Night!

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