The Air From Up There: A Pictorial Metaphor About Tough Times

Sometimes things look a gloomy from our perspective.  A job loss, an injury or illness, financial tough times, a tree falling on your house, you know what I’m talking about.  We see the clouds and sometimes it even rains.  It weighs us down and can become all-consuming.  Negative thoughts chip away at our joy for life.

Sometimes the clouds get so thick we can’t see the tip of the wing, or see our way out of our current predicament.

But on the other side of those clouds the sun is still shining and good things still happen.  We just have to stay on the plane and ride out the storm until we break through on the other side.  The sunshine has been there all along we just become too focussed on the clouds to see through them.

This occurred to me on the way home.  I am so blessed to be in a wonderful place right now but tough times come and go and I want to remember that bright blue sky still up there beyond the gloom, I’ll just have to look for it.

So glad to be home!


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