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MoFo #22 – And Let There Be Cookies

The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur comes to us from the darling Kelly Peloza.  This cookbook, which contains over 140 delectable looking cookie recipes, is high on my list of go to cookie cookbooks.  Unlike so many people I’ve never been a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies, give me a good criss-cross peanut butter cookie and you have me!  In high school we used to get fresh baked peanut butter cookies, 2 for 50 cents, in these greasy little paper bags to eat on the walk home (yes, I walked to school through snow and sleet…oh wait, no I live in Southern California).  Loved them!  When I saw a whole chapter devoted to “Totally Nuts and Seeds!” I knew this book was for me.  Eleven recipes just dripping in peanut butter (even peanut butter graham crackers, ooooh-lala), not to mention cashew butter and almond butter.  And the pictures…oh these tell an epic tale of cookiedom adventure.  I want to start with the first sticky, sweet recipe, Glazed Apple Cider Cookies, and work my way groaning with happiness through to the last Vanilla Sandwich Cookies.  Then I will pass out, with flour in my hair and cookie crumbs on my lips.


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MoFo #21 – Aftermath

I fell down on the posting after feasting and family the past two days.  The cats were all in an uproar yesterday, they always know when something is not quite as routine as normal.  LeMew was running back and forth like someone had set his tail on fire.  They were right as usual though, small children and dogs descended and the cats went into hiding.  Poor Alice the bunny nearly had a heart attack when Chloe (new doggy addition to the family)  thought it would be fun to bark at him and see what kind of reaction she got.  Alice was not amused!

Good food!  Lots of it and something else to be thankful for on my long list of thankfulness is leftovers.  I was a little disappointed with the Native Foods Wellington I bought.  The instructions said to cook for 50 minutes from it’s fully frozen state.  After 55 minutes it was still ice-cold in the center.  I cut some pieces off the end to serve with the meal and stuck the rest back in the oven for another whole hour.  Something seriously wrong with those directions.

It turned into a tasty leftover meal today so just a lesson learned, no disaster! 

Wellington with Mushroom Gravy, seriously delicious Sweet Potato Casserole, Garlic and Almond Green Beans, and Stuffing.

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MoFo #20 – Let the Cooking Begin

After a quickie fall inspired dinner I took to Thanksgiving preparations.  Peeling yams for a sweet potato casserole.  I know I should call it yam casserole, but I usually use yams instead of sweet potatoes in recipes.  I like the darker sweeter flesh of yams, sweet potatoes always seem a little dry to me.  This year I’m trying Fat Free Vegan’s Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan ToppingIt’s very similar to the fat laden casserole that I’ve made in years past but with much less fat and calories.  Good times.  I also threw two butternut squash in the oven to roast for Autumn Harvest Salad.  My house is a mess and I still have a ton of stuff to do but I’m not feeling too stressed about it.  Maybe it was the calming influence my dinner had on me.  I made Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Quinoa courtesy of the darling Emily over at the Front Burner blog.  I topped mine with some Tofurkey sausage and the combination of savory and sweet put me in a zen frame of mind!

Looks similar to my oatmeal ingredients yesterday…can’t beat a winning combination.


Cooked and topped with a bit of sausage for a protein boost

Yams – – simmering away

and butternuts in the dark recesses of my oven

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MoFo #19 – Cilantro Pesto and Some Good Oatmeal

Despite the title of this post the cilantro pesto did not go into the good oatmeal…two totally separate meals.  Starting with breakfast, it was chiiiiiillly this morning.  After the gym I just couldn’t seem to warm up even after two cups of hot tea.  That’s when I decided oatmeal in the rice cooker was in order.  Into the cooker went:

Set your rice cooker to the porridge setting and go take a shower and get ready for your day.  When I finished getting ready my house smelled all spicy and inviting like a Christmas cookie.  I topped my bowl with a few walnuts, a blob of Trader Joe’s Cranberry Butter and a swirl of pure maple syrup.  If that doesn’t warm you up I don’t know what will.  And bonus…enough left over for tomorrow for N. or me.

Vanilla sugar that I bought at World Market because it looked interesting.  It added just a very mild vanilla flavor to my oatmeal.

From this…

to this…with just the push of a button.  Love the rice cooker!

On to dinner, which had to be simple, because that’s just how I roll.  Into the Vita Mix went:

  • 1 bunch of cilantro leaves (a few stems included)
  • 2 T. olive oil
  • 1/2 c walnuts
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 T Parma (Vegan Parmesan which is really just walnuts, nooch and salt – – so you could just substitute nooch here)
  • water if needed to thin out

I threw a handful of grape tomatoes, some onion, and celery and a touch of olive oil in a pan while I cooked up some noodles (ww spaghetti).  Once the spaghetti was done it was tossed in a bowl and topped with pesto and the tomato.  Delicious!  So there you have it breakfast and dinner 🙂

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MoFo #18 – Mix it Up

Knowing I would be eating lunch in a couple of hours I just wanted something quick and not too filling for breakfast. Enter an easy scone mix that I picked up at last years Harvest Festival. It was about to expire anyway so the time had come. These mixes by Iveta are vegan and quite delicious. I usually like to bake from scratch but there are times when a mix comes in handy. When they taste good too that’s just a bonus! The recommendation is to use heavy whipping cream to make these however there are instructions on veganizing by using Silk creamer or cashew cream like MimicCreme. I didn’t have either so I just used soy milk. They weren’t as tender as the ones I’ve made using the cream suggestions but still filled the bill for a light little snacky breakfast.

Apple Cinnamon Scones

and a pretty sunset tonight

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MoFo #17 – Hot Off The Press

I picked up a copy of the fabulous Melisser Elliott’s (aka in the vegan blog world as The Urban Housewife) new book, The Vegan Girl’s Guide to LifeWhat a great resource and fun read this is.  I haven’t bought a new book for some time since getting my Kindle and I almost forgot how I love cracking open the cover of a new read for the first time.  I’m the sort that likes to start at the back and I’ve ruined many a mystery by looking at the last page before I even start reading.  With TVGGTL it really doesn’t matter where you start because every page is a new adventure.  There are profiles of your favorite bloggers, like the darling Monique of, small business owners such as my favorite Jeanette Zeis who makes the awesome Vegan Dish(es) that I use on a daily basis.  Lots of fun recipes are scattered throughout and I can’t wait to try Hannah Kaminsky’s Purple Cow Cupcakes, cupcakes infused with grape juice and topped with melted ice “cream” frosting…Oh my.  But it’s not all fun and games.  Melisser also gently reminds us why we became vegans in the first place.  There are non-preachy (just the facts ma’am) sections of the book that touch on all the atrocities visited upon our furry and feathered friends, makes you want to get out and leaflet the town or volunteer at the local shelter, or adopt a sheep.  Along with places to visit, where to shop, how to feed your non-vegan friends and keep ’em coming back for more, this is one handy resource for any new or seasoned vegan.   Hard to believe so much could be packed into such a little book…I’m actually going to put down my Kindle and settle in for a nice adventure!  Thanks Melisser for a “Fairy Godmother” (in the words of the great Isa Chandra Moskowitz) of a book!

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MoFo #16 – Go To Curry

Every good vegan needs a go to curry recipe.  Something fast to put together yet flavorful.  My go to is the Spinach Chickpea Curry from Vegan With A Vengeance.  This recipe taught me the importance of toasting mustard seeds, it really makes all the difference in the level of flavors in this stew.  I also like the fact that this recipe is on the lower fat side since it uses a tomato base.  Just lots of fresh flavor!

Served over couscous with leftovers for lunch tomorrow. P. S. Serve it in the Vegan Dish, it tastes better!

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