Oatmeal Review – MoFo #2

It’s very hard to work at home when your work computer is down.  I can monitor my email from my home computer but all my company proprietary applications are on my laptop.  Blah!  Going on a week and a half without it; it certainly makes you realize how dependent we are on technology.  The very thing that allows me the convenience of working from home can also be the bane of my existence (I always wanted to use that “bane of my existence” phrase and now I have).  I’m also without my car and it is blazing hot outside so I don’t feel like walking anywhere.  Really, weather fairy, it’s November, don’t you think 90 degrees is a little excessive!

So what was on the menu today?  It’s kind of funny, I pulled out my old Laurel’s Kitchen to see what I could find to cook and blog about.  This was one of the original cookbooks I bought back in my early vegetarian years, 1976 I believe.  So you’re thinking, that really isn’t very funny, but here’s the funny part, I could not find anything I wanted to make.  The recipes seemed so heavy and dated.  Some of the nutrition info was completely out of date (anyone remember protein combining).  Back on the shelf it went with thoughts of putting it in the giveaway pile with my 80 other cookbooks.

Instead I thought I would bring you an oatmeal review due to the lack of cooking that was done in my kitchen today (remember it’s hot here).  A couple of weeks ago I got a packet of a new kind of Quaker Instant Oatmeal packaged up in my Sunday paper.  Ewwwww, instant oatmeal, I know, I’m not a fan either.  I like mine steel-cut and mixed with very little sweetener and instant always seems way too sweet.  This package was no different.  For my taste it was too sweet.  Hearty Medleys claimed to be “loaded with real fruit and nuts”…nice to know that they’re cutting back on those fake fruits and nuts in the oatmeal.  To their point though it did have a good amount of apple chunks and almonds, but the flavor was Apple, Cranberry and Almond and there was only one (yes, I counted) measly dried cranberry in the whole 1.26 ounce serving.  The serving size is awfully small too, I don’t want huge restaurant style servings but this was mixed with 1/3 cup of water and weighed in at 130 calories, so if you were only having that for breakfast I would venture to say that you’ll be hungry before lunch.  Now enough negativity.  In a pinch this would be an option I would choose.  It was convenient, had plenty of fruit and nuts, and while it was too sweet for my taste I’m sure it would be fine maybe mixed up with a packet of plain oats to boost the serving size and cut the sweetness.  On a scale of one to 10 beans, I’m rating it a 5.

This was before I had even tasted it, pretty skimpy serving Quaker!



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