VEgan MoFo #8 – CSA in Review

I  do love my CSA.  Farm Fresh to You is the delivery service associated with Capay Organic Farm which is a second generation organic farm, 90 miles northeast of San Francisco.  The produce comes from local area organic farms if not from Capay Farm itself.  Local to them though does not equate to local for me since I’m in Southern California, so it’s a bit of a tradeoff.


  • Customizable orders – You can choose from a variety of “boxes” and put things on your list that you really don’t ever want. 
  • No commitments – Not that I’m a committment phobe but with all the traveling I did this summer it was nice to be able to put it on hold and not come home to several boxes of spoiled produce
  • Variety of fruits and veggies – Trying different fruits and veggies is easier when they’re delivered fresh to your door.  It makes me step outside of my broccoli carrot comfort zone.
  • Front door delivery – Although I have several farmer’s markets near my home they’re often on days or at times that aren’t convenient for me. 
  • Fresh organic produce – I would say that for the most part everything I’ve received has been in good shape, occasionally I’ve had a spoil or two happen shortly after delivery.  I try to use everything with a week to maximize freshness.


  • A little pricy – When I’m looking to cut back for budgetary reasons this will be one of the first things to go along with my premium channels and cell phone data plan!  I’ll just have to be inconvenienced by the farmer’s markets.
  • Don’t get to choose your own – Again if this is really an issue I can go to the farmer’s markets, TJ’s, Whole Foods or Sprouts. 

This is what my delivery consisted of today.  This is after it was bagged up in my Hefty Green bags…

In the bowl, fuji apples and D’anjou pairs, a butternut squash, kale, spinach, carrots, celery hearts, cilantro and Romaine


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