MoFo #10 – Kale & Chickpea Stew

One time I asked R&T to pick a can of chickpeas up from the store because I had forgotten it.  When they got home they said they couldn’t find any chickpeas.  “Really????  At a major market they don’t carry garbanzo beans?” I asked sceptically.  “Ohhhh, you wanted garbanzo beans, why didn’t you say garbanzo beans.  Nobody calls them chickpeas anymore”, was the response I received.  Oh brother!  I can’t seem to let go of that story, I know, I know…get over it!  Made me feel like a dinosaur, like I used to chuckle at my grandma calling margarine, oleo.  But really, NOBODY uses the word chickpea anymore????  Chickpea, Chickpea, Chickpea, so there!

Meanwhile back in my little corner of sanity where I practice how to behave in public, I made Kale and Chickpea Stew (there, I said it again).  Kale from my CSA smelled so fresh and green when I was chopping it up.  Think about this…can something smell like a color?   Hmmm, oh oh, I’m slipping again!  This stew was super easy to throw together.  I substituted Tofurkey Italian Sausage for the Spanish Chorizo.  I wanted to get soy chorizo but the mainstream market I was at didn’t have any and I didn’t feel like stopping to pick it up.  I also didn’t peel my potato, because, basically I’m lazy.  But I also like peel-on potatoes.

Green smelling kale…I decided a food could smell like a color

This was one bowl of comfort!


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