MoFo #17 – Hot Off The Press

I picked up a copy of the fabulous Melisser Elliott’s (aka in the vegan blog world as The Urban Housewife) new book, The Vegan Girl’s Guide to LifeWhat a great resource and fun read this is.  I haven’t bought a new book for some time since getting my Kindle and I almost forgot how I love cracking open the cover of a new read for the first time.  I’m the sort that likes to start at the back and I’ve ruined many a mystery by looking at the last page before I even start reading.  With TVGGTL it really doesn’t matter where you start because every page is a new adventure.  There are profiles of your favorite bloggers, like the darling Monique of, small business owners such as my favorite Jeanette Zeis who makes the awesome Vegan Dish(es) that I use on a daily basis.  Lots of fun recipes are scattered throughout and I can’t wait to try Hannah Kaminsky’s Purple Cow Cupcakes, cupcakes infused with grape juice and topped with melted ice “cream” frosting…Oh my.  But it’s not all fun and games.  Melisser also gently reminds us why we became vegans in the first place.  There are non-preachy (just the facts ma’am) sections of the book that touch on all the atrocities visited upon our furry and feathered friends, makes you want to get out and leaflet the town or volunteer at the local shelter, or adopt a sheep.  Along with places to visit, where to shop, how to feed your non-vegan friends and keep ’em coming back for more, this is one handy resource for any new or seasoned vegan.   Hard to believe so much could be packed into such a little book…I’m actually going to put down my Kindle and settle in for a nice adventure!  Thanks Melisser for a “Fairy Godmother” (in the words of the great Isa Chandra Moskowitz) of a book!


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