MoFo #18 – Mix it Up

Knowing I would be eating lunch in a couple of hours I just wanted something quick and not too filling for breakfast. Enter an easy scone mix that I picked up at last years Harvest Festival. It was about to expire anyway so the time had come. These mixes by Iveta are vegan and quite delicious. I usually like to bake from scratch but there are times when a mix comes in handy. When they taste good too that’s just a bonus! The recommendation is to use heavy whipping cream to make these however there are instructions on veganizing by using Silk creamer or cashew cream like MimicCreme. I didn’t have either so I just used soy milk. They weren’t as tender as the ones I’ve made using the cream suggestions but still filled the bill for a light little snacky breakfast.

Apple Cinnamon Scones

and a pretty sunset tonight


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One response to “MoFo #18 – Mix it Up

  1. Never tried a scone mix – I’ll have to give it a go some day!

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