MoFo #21 – Aftermath

I fell down on the posting after feasting and family the past two days.  The cats were all in an uproar yesterday, they always know when something is not quite as routine as normal.  LeMew was running back and forth like someone had set his tail on fire.  They were right as usual though, small children and dogs descended and the cats went into hiding.  Poor Alice the bunny nearly had a heart attack when Chloe (new doggy addition to the family)  thought it would be fun to bark at him and see what kind of reaction she got.  Alice was not amused!

Good food!  Lots of it and something else to be thankful for on my long list of thankfulness is leftovers.  I was a little disappointed with the Native Foods Wellington I bought.  The instructions said to cook for 50 minutes from it’s fully frozen state.  After 55 minutes it was still ice-cold in the center.  I cut some pieces off the end to serve with the meal and stuck the rest back in the oven for another whole hour.  Something seriously wrong with those directions.

It turned into a tasty leftover meal today so just a lesson learned, no disaster! 

Wellington with Mushroom Gravy, seriously delicious Sweet Potato Casserole, Garlic and Almond Green Beans, and Stuffing.

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