MoFo #22 – And Let There Be Cookies

The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur comes to us from the darling Kelly Peloza.  This cookbook, which contains over 140 delectable looking cookie recipes, is high on my list of go to cookie cookbooks.  Unlike so many people I’ve never been a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies, give me a good criss-cross peanut butter cookie and you have me!  In high school we used to get fresh baked peanut butter cookies, 2 for 50 cents, in these greasy little paper bags to eat on the walk home (yes, I walked to school through snow and sleet…oh wait, no I live in Southern California).  Loved them!  When I saw a whole chapter devoted to “Totally Nuts and Seeds!” I knew this book was for me.  Eleven recipes just dripping in peanut butter (even peanut butter graham crackers, ooooh-lala), not to mention cashew butter and almond butter.  And the pictures…oh these tell an epic tale of cookiedom adventure.  I want to start with the first sticky, sweet recipe, Glazed Apple Cider Cookies, and work my way groaning with happiness through to the last Vanilla Sandwich Cookies.  Then I will pass out, with flour in my hair and cookie crumbs on my lips.


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