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Ok, I think I just said I wasn’t going to be baking so much and trying to stay away from refined carbs.  But really, people, it’s the holidays and my baking gene just kicks into action and honestly I only ate one.  One what, you ask?  Why a Blondie straight from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar.  I like my blondies without the addition of chocolate chips.  I think I’ve mentioned before chocolate chips are not my favorite cookie.  I like a nice brown sugar base with the crunch of walnuts.  Toasting the walnuts makes them even tastier but if you don’t have the time no worries.  For our Survivor get together I whipped up a batch of these and brought them all warm from the oven over to D’s.  I saved two for N’s lunch and left the rest behind when I came home.  See I do have a bit of self discipline…not much but a bit.

Weighing out the tofu (a great egg substitute).  Trust me you don’t taste any beany tofu traces in these little sweeties.

All the liquids into my little food processor.  Maybe one day I’ll grow up and get a full size processor.

Yum, I love the crispy edges.  Maybe I need one of those all edge piece brownie pans, nah!

And while you bake listen to this:


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