First Spin – Appetite for Reduction

I tried out Isa’s new cookbook, Appetite for Reduction today.  I’ve been perusing it for a week now and have bookmarked nearly the whole thing.  I especially love the “bowl” chapter.  Unfortunately time once again got away from me this afternoon.  After running into the office to pick up a package (turns out to be a trophy, really, a trophy for sitting on daily conference calls?) I stopped at the Zion Market thinking I could find tamarind concentrate there.  It was kind of difficult to know if I could find it there or not since I couldn’t read most of the labels.  Frustrating!  It made me realize how it must be to be transplanted to a foreign country and have to try to shop by basically looking at the pictures.  I’m lucky I didn’t end up with some shaved bonito and soy bean paste.  Finally a nice lady that probably watched me wander by her a dozen times took pity on me and asked if she could help.  When I told her what I was looking for she said that was not a common ingredient in Asian fare and I should check an Indian store instead.  Who knew?  The good thing is there are Indian stores close by, but I didn’t have time to visit any today.  So the Tamarind BBQ Tempeh and Sweet Potatoes will have to wait for another day.  Instead I set about making Potato-Spinach Curry.  This seemed like a good choice on a gloomy day.  Side Note:  How do you go from an 80 degrees shorts wearing day, to a gloomy, fog filled, chill in the air, sweat-pants kind of day (and no I didn’t wear sweat pants to the Zion market, I haven’t fallen that low…yet)?  So back to the curry making.  Super simple, minimal ingredients, a bit of chopping and simmering and you have one bowl of comfort in about 45 minutes.  It’s suggested you serve it over rice and I did put some rice on to cook, but hunger and the lateness of the day compelled me to eat the curry sans rice when one was finished cooking before the other.  Bonus…now I have rice for one of the bowls in the cookbook.

Isa’s cooked up another winner of a cookbook!

Two pounds of potatoes, gotta love the home scale

Finished curry in all its green and gold loveliness; oh this was good and there are leftovers for tomorrow.


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