Giant Chocolate Cookies

Per usual it was my job to provide the baked goods for our Survivor viewing get together.  Wait…What?  Did you say baked goods?  What happened to the eliminating refined carbs?  Well I’m only going to eat one (but when you see the size of these cookies, mwah ah ah).  Our brew of choice tonight was Banana Bread Beer so I thought something chocolate would pair nicely with it.  And who doesn’t like a plate size chocolate cookie with their beer?  

I broke out Kelly Peloza’s The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur  for this occasion.  The cookies went together quickly without any funky ingredients.  I happened to be out of vanilla (used it all up in my banana muffins this morning) so I used a packet of Vanilla Powder that was lurking in my spice cabinet, but that was the only substitution I made.  I have to admit I was a little scared when I saw the dough, it resembled brownie batter more than cookie dough.  I stood there and contemplated whether I had actually added the required two cups of flour.  The butter (or Earth Balance) is slipping off the old noodle a bit and I forget what I’m doing from one minute to the next.  But I could almost picture measuring out both cups so thankfully I didn’t add any more.  I just glopped it onto a cookie sheet like the directions said, figuring if the first two cookies didn’t turn out I could add more flour.  Funny enough, once the dough was on the pan it seemed more dough like, go figure.  So into the oven they went and 18 minutes later (3 minutes longer than recommended) I was pulling out some of the chocolatiest (is that a word?) cookies I’ve ever had. 

Hey, did you catch the fact that I baked banana muffins this morning?  Really falling off that refined carbs wagon I was on, you’re thinking.  But really I gave the entire batch of 12 muffins away.  I just had to use up some spotty bananas and the chill this morning put me in a baking mood.  So don’t judge.  I just like to bake…I don’t have to eat it too:)

I actually have a darling little double boiler that I love.  I picked it up while scavenging through an antique store for vintage kitchen gadgets.

My scary glop of dough

But look what happens…beautiful cookie frisbees ( this is a salad plate they’re sitting on)



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2 responses to “Giant Chocolate Cookies

  1. Kathryn Coulibaly

    Cookie frisbees sound good to me! LOL – thanks for sharing this recipe.


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