Lets Go Bowling

OK, so maybe giant cookies and beer are not such a good idea.  I literally could not get to sleep last night with all that chocolate and sugar rushing through my veins.  I finally crashed with a headache percolating behind my eyes.  Remind me again why I’m trying to cut down on the refined stuff?

So today was healthier choices…Pumpkin Smoothie (Soy Milk, Vanilla Chai Vega, and frozen pumpkin cubes), leftover Potato-Spinach Curry for lunch, a beautiful honeycrisp apple mid-afternoon, and finally a filling bowl for dinner.

This bowl consisted of brown basmati rice

Topped with chopped and lightly steamed collard greens

Then some pan seared baked tofu.  Just a half a package of Trader Joe’s Teriyaki Baked Tofu.

And finally some creamy deliciousness in the form of Caesar Chavez Dressing out of Appetite for ReductionI had to make it in my Vita Mix because it had to process for 5 minutes and my little Kitchen Aid food chopper doesn’t have an on/off switch just a pulse button that you have to hold down.  I was afraid I’d blow the thing up if I let it run for 5 minutes.  The problem with making it in the Vita Mix is that it heats it up running that long (that’s how it makes soup) and it’s hard to scrape those last tasty little bits out from under the blades.  So this is the second time this week that I’ve pondered the necessity of having yet another appliance such as a Magic Bullet or a full size food processor.  My poor little kitchen is running out of room with all the gadgets and dishes I’ve collected, not to mention my cookbooks.  Such problems!  Anyway back to the dressing it was super tasty and made this bowl go from a bit bland to bravo!  And don’t forget to serve your bowls in something you can snuggle up with like a Buddha Bowl from Uncommon Goods.  Now I feel better.


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