Rainy Days

The morning view from my front door looked like this…

So breakfast looked like this.  Fluffy pancakes with bits of dried mango to try to capture a bit of sunshine.

Still no sun by noon so lunch looked like this, a little no chicken noodle soup by Amy’s.

More rain predicted so we’ll see what else is on the menu.


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One response to “Rainy Days

  1. Monica Cape-Lindelin

    Hi Dawnie-q, I just love your blog! What is the Banana Bread Beer like? The giant double chocolate chip cookies look & sound delectable! I love your vintage double-boiler. I bought a double-boiler from the Pampered Chef Lourdes Charter School fundraiser. I can’t wait to try it out. What is with the El Nino typhoon weather here in So. Cal??????? I thought it “Never Rains in California”!?!?! Looking forward to seeing you and your family this Christmas. I can’t wait to give the “Amazing Kendo” an extra-special Christmas squeeze and see what vintage sweater his beautiful, vegan-cooking, blog-writing grandmother wears for Christmas Eve. You should write a cookbook or host a vegan cooking show on the Food Network. You’re my favorite vegan blogger out there! Love you Dawnie-q

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