Cookies and a Brilliant Idea

Okay, first the cookies.  Dinner at mom’s tonight and I was in charge of cupcakes.  How does that relate to cookies you ask?  It doesn’t, it just means that I ran out of time to make cupcakes due to work so cookies were the next best thing.  As if anyone needed more sweets this time of year.  From last years Veg News’ Holiday Cookie Collection I selected White Chocolate Oatmeal Spice Cookies.  I felt it was appropriate since my stash of white chocolate chips came from Food Fight in Portland and these were being made for the family from the same state which we were visiting at the time.  Really this all made perfect sense to me at some point during the cookie selection process.  I whipped them together and they went into the oven.  The didn’t look exactly like the picture in the cookbook, which kind of resembled a nice crumbly shortbread, but I had high hopes for oven transformation.  Nope!  They came out looking the same as when they went in.  Taste-wise they were just ok.  None of the spices really came through and to me they were just an oatmeal cookie with white chocolate chips.  Oh well, that is all I have time for…I suppose I could bring over my opened box of Peppermint Joe-Joe’s from Trader Joe’s and try to claim them as my own…tacky?  You’re right!

All ready to bake

This is the cookbook photo, do mine look anything like these?

Uhhhhh, No!

Whatev…Oh and the brilliant idea.  Why not portion out cookie dough onto a pan using the ever trusty cookie dough scoop, then freeze them and pile them up in a tub to be baked one or two at a time????  Like those expensive fund-raiser dough balls???  Brilliant?  You’re probably thinking, “Yah, where have you been, Martha taught us to do that 5 years ago”.  Ok, in my mind it was a lightbulb idea and I have to take those when I can.  They are few and far between these days.


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