Veganizing Tradition

I notice a lot of the blogsphere is chatting about holiday traditions;  so I thought I would chime in.  One of our family traditions is the Swedish Tea Ring that my mom bakes every year.  It used to be she baked one for the family but as the kids moved out and the family expanded she would bake one for each family.  That is a lot of baking.  One year we all left the house on Christmas Eve to scatter to our own homes and no one remembered the Swedish Tea Rings, so mom and dad were stuck.  I think they were given away that year.  What a Swedish Tea Ring is, basically, are cinnamon rolls shaped and baked in a ring.  I guess with our Scandinavian heritage it seemed an appropriate holiday bread to bake. 

The recipe is in an ancient Betty Crocker cookbook (ancient means published in 1956, must mean I’m ancient too since I was published a few years later).  I think the family story goes that my dad’s mom gave my mom this cookbook in hopes that she would become a better cook, so my dad wouldn’t starve.  My mom still has her copy and I inherited grandma’s with her little notes jotted in the margins.  The recipe covers three pages plus a fourth for the icing recipe.

Since the Oregonian’s are down for the holidays, I took the baking task off of mom’s hands…little do they know I’ll be veganizing these things.  Fingers crossed they turn out!

Ever seen this book?


Pictures showing you how to form the Swedish Tea Ring

I made mine in foil cake pans instead of on a baking sheet so I think they kind of overflowed.

Dripping with icing


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