Ahhhhh Comfort

Comfort food, like beauty, is in the eye and taste buds of the beholder.  My idea of comfort food has to have at least four different aspects – – 1) It must be warm, 2) It must be soft, no crunchy bits for me, 3) It must be savory, although I do like a sweetie from time to time, when I crave comfort I crave savory, and finally number 4) it needs to be served in a bowl, specifically one you can snuggle up with.  Usually meals cooked up in the crock-pot fall into the comfort food category and since the rain was back in town with a vengeance today the old slow-cooker was taken down and dusted off for an evening meal of comfort.  It’s funny, for years I had nothing to use but meat-laden slow-cooker cookbooks and I usually used mine for chili or spaghetti sauce.  But then dawned the popularity and coolness factor of being vegetarian or vegan and suddenly there were cookbooks!  Hallelujah!  I bought Fresh From the Vegetarian Slow Cooker by Robin Robertson some time ago and have worked my way through quite a few of the recipes usually successfully.  Today I tried the Mac and Cheese Florentine.  The “cheese” was a sauce made of cashews, water, onions, miso, lemon juice, dry mustard, and cayenne pepper, that was simply whipped up in the Vita Mix and poured over the macaroni and spinach.  After a few hours in the pot it was sprinkled with breadcrumbs and served up in that special bowl.  My little bit of comfort on a gloomy, yawn of a day.


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