In Defense of Routine

I was thinking about how different my style of cooking is from what I grew up with.  We tended to have a cycle of meals that was repeated throughout the month.  It offered a sense of organization and stability, always knowing what to expect.  We always ate at 6:00pm and we sat in the same places at the dining room table.  We each had our own special silverware pattern, mine had a little rose on the handle.  I’m not sure what ever happened to that silverware but it would be fun to have.  In my case I tend to experiment and I rarely cook the same thing twice (with the exception of Thanksgiving which would be a complete disaster without the usual fare).  Sometimes I think it would be nice to try that comforting routine again, spaghetti on Wednesdays and tacos on Saturday; if for nothing else to get my mind off my next meal and on to other creative endeavors.  This meal does not exactly fall into the routine category but it was delicious nonetheless.

Tamarind BBQ Tempeh & Sweet Potatoes from Appetite for Reduction.  Alongside were some roasted brussels.  The BBQ was super flavorful and contained the elusive tamarind paste which I ended up finding at Whole Foods, no trip to Little India for me.


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