What do you mean there’s only one week left in January?  I am such a procrasinator,  that should have been my New Year’s resolution…QUIT procrastinating.  I am off to an extremely slow start this year and my plans to have my Etsy store up and running by the end of January don’t look like they’re going to materialize!  Ha, that’s kind of a pun because my store s going to sell fabric articles.  The excuse of too much work has been valid what with having actual employees I have to do year-end evaluations and 2011 objective plans for.  Last year it was just me and my excuse was too much time spent on homework.  One day I may run out of excuses but I certainly don’t want that day to be too late.  So I may be more about crafting and less about cooking for a while but it all ties in to a healthy, happy vegan lifestyle, right?

Some cool things I got for Christmas BTW:

From the top, Cutensils from Mod Cloth, mix and match cutlery that really is too cute, biscuit cutters and measuring spoons from Crate and Barrel, no more using a water glass to cut biscuits and I can finally retire my cheap spoons that are bent from being slammed in the drawer. And finally a beautiful Aladdin bowl to transport or store that leftover oatmeal or soup in.  It has bunny art by Kitazawa on top. 

Also two lovely new bird feeders from D.  These will keep my feathered friends fed all winter.

One for the seed eaters

and one for the hummingbirds

Last but not least, a wonderful herb garden pot that I can’t wait to plant.


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