Packin’ It In (to a sandwich of course)

One of my favorite lunches is a sandwich.  Practically anything tastes better between two slices of bread.  It’s packable, totable, and most of the time doesn’t make a mess (unless it’s one of those really drippy vegan meatball subs with daiya that I’ve been dreaming about lately).  Even now that I work from home I like to make myself a sandwich around noon.  My go to sandwich lately has been Amy’s Bistro Burgers which I dress up with a variety of toppings.  But I needed something new, something to break me out of my burger rut.  I may have mentioned but I get into food ruts frequently.  One year I ate hummus and pita triangles for lunch every day for the entire year…compulsive much???  I have to force myself to mix things up so today I tried some Tofurkey Peppered Deli slices.  I never really cared for deli meats when I was a kid and mom was packing the sandwiches, my preference back then was brown sugar on white bread (no butter please) or Cheez Whiz on white bread.  Yep, I actually ate that for lunch!  So trying these vegan lunch meats was really breaking me out of my comfort zone.  That’s me, living on the wild side every day 🙂 Back to the sandwich itself.  I didn’t go too crazy, just some whole grain mustard, lettuce, and tomatoes on a sandwich thin.  Hmmmm, I liked it, maybe I’ll have it again tomorrow.


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