Pancake Saturday

Saturday mornings should be about sleeping in, getting up slowly, sitting around in your pajamas, and eating pancakes.  Just like when we were young and had sleepovers at our girlfriends house.  In my neighborhood that usually meant more than one girlfriend on the floor and the moms mysteriously disappeared as we dragged out Bisquick and bananas to make breakfast.  I don’t ever remember what happened after breakfast, I certainly don’t remember cleaning up the kitchen (sorry all you moms) but those lazy pancake mornings have stuck with me and I try to recreate them in my house even though I have a gazillion things to do today.  All those adult things like laundry and cleaning, blah!  I made Berry Sunrise pancakes from a mix this morning.  The mix came from Tastefully Simple and was about to expire so N. and I shared the last of it.  The mix itself is vegan but the recipe calls for an egg and milk which I just substituted with vegan alternatives. 

While my cakes bubbled in the pan waiting for their flip I managed to clean out two shelves in my food cupboards.  In a house as tiny as mine storage is premium real estate, not a square inch can be sacrificed to unnecessary items.  So why in the world was I hanging on to a huge ceramic coffee jar, scoop included, when I don’t even drink coffee??  Once the jar along with a vase, a pair of crystal candlesticks and about eleventy-five bags of dusty catnip were cleared out I had a nice clear shelf to repopulate with needed and used items.  One shelf at a time!

Really, I need this?


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