Yesterday afternoon I watched Earthlings a film so devastatingly honest in its depiction of mans cruelty that I literally wept through the first 30 minutes.  To take up a lifestyle but not explore the impact it may have on other living creatures seemed irresponsible to me.  I had read so much about this film I put it in my queue.  On the other hand to continue down a path of exploitation is even more irresponsible so I finally sat down to view after having this movie on my shelf for over a month now.  I had to stop watching after about 40 minutes because it was so raw and disturbing.  Since it was a Netflix rental I stuck it in the mail but then this morning I ordered a copy for myself determined to watch the entire thing.  Even companion animals can be exploited if we don’t have the means or the time to give them what they need.  I can’t imagine anyone not being impacted by this documentary.



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2 responses to “Earthlings

  1. I just saw this and am wondering, are you considering becoming a vegan after watching this? I’m reading up on the arguments surrounding the issues raised in the film and it seems there is a lot of heated discussion about it.

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