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What’s Up Doc

I hadn’t eaten any breakfast when it was suddenly time to get on the road to make it to an afternoon meeting.    One of my problems since starting to work at home is I seem to have a hard time getting moving when I actually have to get presentable.  So by the time I got ready I didn’t leave myself enough time to eat.  A smoothie sounded good so I hit up Jamba Juice on the way out of town.  They have some new fruit and veggie and I took my chances with the carrot orange karma.  Perfect Bugs Bunny smoothie.  It reminded me of a drink I used to make with carrots, pineapple and lemon.  I think it was in the first or second Vita Mix cookbook.  I wonder if I could cook, mash, and freeze carrots like I do with pumpkin to make delicious Smoothies.  I guess raw would be better than cooked.  Hmmmm, I’ll ponder, the ingredients are waiting at home.  Meanwhile…onward to meetings.


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Have you heard of hashing.  I hadn’t until recently.  It turns out it’s a group of runners who get together, one person marks the route using various symbols. Then the runners try to follow the route and if you get to t he end you get the reward…usually in the form of beer.  Hashing originated in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur.  Their Constitution stated the purpose of the club was:

  • To promote physical fitness among our members
  • To get rid of weekend hangovers
  • To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer
  • To persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel
  • This is not exactly the type of hash I was thinking of after watching a DDD episode.  This time around Guy visited some awesome breakfast places and was served up some hash which put me in the mind set for some seitan hash.  Alas I had no seitan or potatoes, which is how I usually think of hash.  Using what I had in the fridge, I whipped up a tofu hash that was pretty dang good.  The secret to hash is to get it really get crispy, almost to the point of a light burn.  My tofu was mixed with yellow pepper, zucchini, tiny tomatoes, and onion.  Seasoned simply with liquid aminos, sea salt, and pepper.  Oh yum, this was cooked just right.  So now I have to try seitan hash, but how about the running hash?

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    Rainy Sunday

    A wonderful stay inside, rainy day.  Fresh baked peanut butter cookies filled the house with warmth and good smells.  Favorite PB Cookie recipe from the Rabbit Food cookbook.  Garlicky kale for dinner was filling and took the chill off.  Early to bed to read and snuggle under my quilt with a kitty or two.

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    Pineapple Pancakes

    What’s better on a lazy Saturday morning than pancakes?  How about pineapple pancakes?  I actually slept in until almost 9:00 this morning.  But after being up half the night with a barking neighbor dog and bad dreams I really  didn’t feel that well rested.  Late breakfasts always mean pancakes or waffles in my house.  To my standard batter I added some crushed and well-drained pineapple from a can.  I was wishing I had some coconut syrup but maple with a sprinkle of coconut worked just as well.  Happy Saturday.

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    Nothin’ But Us Leprechauns

    St Pattys Animations provided by

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    What’s for Dinner Now?

    If food choices aren’t confusing enough an article in the New York Times questions whether eating a plant-based diet is as cruelty free as we like to think.  No Face, But Plants Like Life Too explores the feelings that plants have and the various defense mechanisms they employ when attacked.  The article veers off that path and meanders down a trail of thought that compares killing  plants to slavery and genocide stating,

    “Maybe the real problem with the argument that it’s O.K. to kill plants because they don’t feel exactly as we do, though, is that it’s the same argument used to justify what we now view as unforgivable wrongs.”

    I just can’t buy into that argument.  The author is right, all living species come equipped with ways of defending themselves against their natural predators.   Without these no creature would have survived.  Yet I still can’t reconcile the cruelty of factory farming with plucking a ripe tomato off the vine in my backyard.   In the end it all comes down to personal choice and I’ll continue down the road I’ve traveled for 37 years.  I don’t feel I have to justify what I choose to eat but if you do feel the need to make excuses, maybe that’s the indicator that you need to take a second look your diet.

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    Get Crafty

    Since I was very young I’ve been a Craftanista.  Every birthday and Christmas list was filled with items for my latest creative pursuit.  The list of crafts I’ve explored range from hooked rugs, to weaving, to beading, oil painting, scrapbooking, crocheting, lye soap making, card making, decopage, mosaics, and on and on.  Name a craft and I’ve probably tried it.  I had dreams of supporting myself with my crafts when I was a teen but that kind of vaporized after I became a mom at an early age.  Crafts really don’t pay for insurance for a child, much less food and roof over our heads.  That didn’t stop me from trying though.  At one point I signed up for a “make crafts at home” scheme that turned out to be just that, a scheme.  Kind of the crafty version of stuffing envelopes.  I was supposed to make embroidered bibs, of course the supplies had to be purchased from this “company” that ran the ad.  Once made they would buy back the bibs thus offsetting my cost of supplies and earning me a nice bonus too.  I’m sure you know how the story ends…yes, each and every one of those bibs was rejected for “flaws”.  As a test, because I still couldn’t believe I had been ripped off, I sent back the bib the “company” had sent me as an example of the workmanship that was expected.  Lo and behold that one was rejected too.  It’s really true, there’s a sucker born every minute, and I was one.  That didn’t take away my love of all things creative, though.  Sitting down at my sewing machine time can pass  without me even realizing it.  I still have dreams of selling my crafts…this time they’re a little smaller and thanks to the Internet they no longer require sitting at craft fares all weekend.  My plan is to open an Etsy or maybe an Artfire store this year.  I’ve been sewing in the evening which gets my mind off of work and keeps my face out of the fridge.  Very therapeutic and productive too.  My latest creation…yoga mat bags lined with fabric that has cats doing yoga poses, how cute is that?  so celebrate National Craft Month and get in touch with your inner Craftanista.

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