SLO Motion

A weekend getaway to San Luis Obispo, or SLO to those in the know, was just what the doctor ordered.  I spent last week getting beat up at work, funny how that can happen even if you work at home and never see your co-workers, so even if it was pouring rain as we cruised up the 101, I didn’t care.  A stop at  Buellton (we were channelling Sideways all weekend) netted us an awesome sandwich at Pattibakes and D even humored me and stopped in at a darling little quilting store called Creation Station.  Of course I couldn’t leave without buying at least one pattern (although I could have left with at least a dozen).  We had booked a room at the Apple Farm based on nothing other than it sounded cute.  The room was cozy (read small), but we really didn’t need anything else.  And the free wine reception every evening and hot cider and cookies in the lobby more than made up for its lack of spaciousness.  The weather cleared on Saturday and we took a scenic drive down the coast to Avila and Pismo Beaches.  As crowded as Southern California is with traffic and strip malls and a gas station on every corner, I sometimes forget that there are parts of California that are still full of beautiful scenery and lush green hills, ala Bob Ross.  It actually hailed on us during the drive back to the hotel on Saturday…not something we see every day.  Too much fun to put it all down in writing, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Ahhhh, the Apple Farm…welcome home

How about a chocolate covered scorpion for dessert?

A most excellent burger, black beans and cumin and a titch of chili powder.

Purchased from this rockin’ roadside diner.  We flipped a coin and ended up here instead of the Mexican restaurant, good flip! Note the cool black Dodge Charger we rented for the trip.

A little wine

and flowers for ambiance

The road to Linn’s Farm fruit stand…the best preserves around.  I left with Lime and Blood Orange marmalade and a Berry topping that will be just perfect for a hot bowl of oatmeal!

Take your breath away beautiful

And this is what I love about living in California

On one side you have the ocean sparkling in the sun like a million dollar diamond tiara.

On the other…snow covered mountains


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