Process This

I got a nice surprise upon arriving home.  I guess I can’t really say it was a surprise since it was something I ordered and I’ve been tracking it obsessively as it made its way across the United States.  But I like to pretend these things just show up to surprise me…so humor me.  Yesterday afternoon my UPS man, I call him “mine” because he delivers so many packages to my home, dropped off a large, heavy box on my front porch.  I tore into it as if I had no idea what it contained.  What??? What is this???  Oh excellent, a shiny new, bright red Kitchen Aid food processor.  After pondering and debating the need for yet one more appliance for several months I caved and ordered it using the Amazon gift card my work team gave me.   Although I do love my Vita Mix and use it on a daily basis, it just doesn’t work for small batches of pesto and hummus and the like.  I hate having to scrape the mixtures from around and under the fixed blades so that’s what finally sold me.  As soon as I unpacked it I had to put it to use.  Dinner consisted of thinly sliced zucchini and onions mixed with tomato wedges, asparagus spears, and artichoke hearts.  Seasoned with Italian seasoning, salt and pepper and a little bit of the marinade from the jar of artichoke hearts.   I baked it all for 30 minutes and served it up over some steamed wheat berries and a Gardein Chick’n Scallopini.  It was delicious…and the veggies were sliced in a flash with my bright new processor.  I see lots of use for this thing and to balance it out I cleaned out two of my dresser drawers and got rid of an enormous bag of clothes, you know the rule, one thing in two things out?  Mine was more like one thing in 50 things out.  So now I have nice clean drawers and one more appliance I need to find a home for in my overstuffed cabinets.  Blah!

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